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  1. Alain Gomez
  2. El Jadida • 8th edition • Morocco Royal Tour
  3. L’épidémie de grippe s’intensifie et a déjà fait plus de mille morts en France

The variation is great, however, with regard to sources, social and political conditions, state of the art, technological development, national and local initiatives. In the course of half a century many changes take place. Keeping abreast of the gigantic streams of information and innovation in the field is demanding, even more so for a discipline with global dimensions and ambitions.

The book makes fascinating reading, and preparing it has been a rewarding and thought provoking experience. The thirty-seven articles in the book represent as many different stories. Combien seront-ils demain?

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Le commun des mortels se pose un jour ces questions. Marcos Cobaleda et F. Par une analyse spatiale des marques lapidaires, A. Passini et F. Cahen et A. Sous le titre Grihl. Ils racontent, aussi. Les deux soldats sont revenus vivants de la guerre. En quoi peuvent-ils avoir des effets sur la construction sociale du sexe?

Alain Gomez

Bringing together social science researchers from France, Israel, the United States, Belgium and Switzerland, this book analyses contemporary Jewishness within the constant dialectic between faithfulness to Jewish tradition and culture and adherence to the values of modernity and democracy.

Systems of family and gender normativity have durably influenced the traditional Jewish universe, but the norms and the institutions that embody them are today shaky. Individualization — the essence of modernity — is at work in the Jewish world, as it is elsewhere, and new identities are emerging and question the transmission of Jewish identities and traditions. The contributions here highlight the contrasting experiences of societies in the Diaspora and in Israeli society — societies that are different, yet sometimes very close because of tensions around religious and identity boundaries.

Hors du cadre conjugal. Les violences sexuelles. Le travail du sexe. Les normes sociales.

  • Nation, State and Citizenship in Contemporary France!
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Rome : Les sentiments amoureux. Le mariage. Hors mariage. La prostitution. Le viol et la notion de consentement.

El Jadida • 8th edition • Morocco Royal Tour

Relations sexuelles entre femmes, entre hommes. Sur Vichy et la Shoah, on pensait tout savoir. Que lors de la crue de , le fleuve atteignait la gare Saint-Lazare? Comment devient-on chercheur en histoire? Annick Louis: Le concept de braconnage. Les manuscrits se consument moins que leurs lecteurs. Ce livre raconte une rencontre heureuse. Why We Need Global History pp. Inventing Modernity pp. Global History in the Cold War and Decolonization pp. Robert Descimon Le trop proche? La politisation des pratiques sexuelles. La prostitution et la pornographie. Les violences et les crimes sexuels.

Comment faire une histoire sociale des grands travaux? Kate E.

Cyril Mokaiesh - Houleux (Clip officiel)

La lecture novatrice de Michel de Certeau. After the abolition of slavery in the Indian Ocean and Africa, the world of labor remained unequal, exploitative, and violent, straddling a fine line between freedom and unfreedom. This book explains why. Unseating the Atlantic paradigm of bondage and drawing from a rich array of colonial, estate, plantation and judicial archives, Alessandro Stanziani investigates the evolution of labor relationships on the Indian subcontinent, the Indian Ocean and Africa, with case studies on Assam, the Mascarene Islands and the French Congo.

He finds surprising relationships between African and Indian abolition movements and European labor practices, inviting readers to think in terms of trans-oceanic connections rather than simple oppositions. Above all, he considers how the meaning and practices of freedom in the colonial world differed profoundly from those in the mainland. Arguing for a multi-centered view of imperial dynamics, Labor on the Fringes of Empire is a pioneering global history of nineteenth-century labor.

Introduction 1. La grande asphyxie 3.

Les cafés littéraires

Habiter le monde 5. La dynamique occidentale 6. Laurent Feller : Introduction. Regards disciplinaires. La vie des objets. Luc Bourgeois : Conclusions. Nous vivons dans un monde de projets. Que propose-t-elle? Voir le sommaire. Parallel to the Halakhic laws, the minhagim customs are dependent on local practices and the regional schools of sages and rabbis. The minhagim played a decisive role in the history of the Jewish communities and in the formation of traditions of religious rulings. They gave stability, continuity, and authority to the local institutions.

The impact of Jewish custom on daily life cannot be overestimated. Evolving spontaneously as an ascending process, it presents undercurrents that emanate from the folk, gradually bringing about changes that eventually become part of the legislative code. It further reflects influences of social, cultural, and mythological tendencies and local historical elements of every-day life of the period. The aim of this volume is to examine the concept of minhag in the broadest sense of the word.

Focusing on the relationship between various types of customs and their impact on every aspect of Jewish life, the volume studies the historical, anthropological, religious, and cultural development and function of rites and rituals in establishing the Jewish self-definition and the identity of the local communities that adhered to them. Customs are a wonderful historical prism by which to examine fluctuations and changes in Jewish life. Mais que sait-on des comportements de la population polonaise?

La paix revenue, que sont devenus les derniers survivants? This volume presents a long-term history of the tools for regulating the rhythms and the seasonal patterns of the agricultural production.

L’épidémie de grippe s’intensifie et a déjà fait plus de mille morts en France

The contributing authors adopt different approaches and investigate cases from England, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Mexico. The focus on the stocks and flows of grains and other foodstuffs raises new questions combining economic, social, political, and environmental issues in the study of agricultural markets and food policies.

This book presents ten case-studies by eminent scholars dealing with food supply, storage and markets from c. Together they present a long-term history of the tools to regulate the rhythms and seasonal patterns of the food production and distribution process. How were the vast flows of staple food needed for metropolitan areas organised? What practical difficulties had to be overcome to preserve this food safely?

Did people respond to price patterns in search for profit? Were governments successful in imposing regulation? In dealing with these issues, the contributing authors adopt different approaches and investigate cases from England, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Mexico. Landlords as rational investors? Grain storage on noble manors in the Rhineland area, Friederike Scholten.

Prices and seasons in late seventeenth-century England Richard W. Urban development and local food production. Ability and inability of feeding growing cities by urban agriculture in nineteenth-century industrialising Belgium Pieter De Graef. Between fearing shortage and stockpiling fresh fish: did the Venetian Republic have an environmental policy in the eighteenth century?

Storage and financing of the French wheat market in the inter-war period Alain Chatriot. Ce livre traite de Freud lecteur de romans. Who are the new Chinese intellectuals? In the wake of the crackdown on the democracy movement and the rapid marketization of the s, a novel type of grassroots intellectual emerged.