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Every parking code, every piece of legislation, every property norm, and curtainly civilization itself rests on the willingness of men to commit violent acts against other men in order to impose and maintain order. Prescription demands violence because without violence prescriptions are impotent suggestions. This is difficult for many domesticated modernized sheeple to comprehend. First world Man has become a pathetic weakly docile herd animal. Mere cattle for plutocrats! Force is the foundation of modern industry.

Throughout human history, power hath ever governed the plow and all other tools of construction and cultivation.

Might Is Right - Wikipedia

Every acre must be fertilized with rotting corpses before it can be tilled. No one has or builds anything worth having without the brutality of conquest. All land titles were boldly written with the blood of the slain. The sword divides the victor from the vassal. To ancient humanity this brutal wisdom was self-evident.

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Might is right in that might works. It is the means by which a desired order is imposed upon relative chaos. Might is the ability to use force and it is merely one subset of power. Might is a particular kind of power. And all life seeks power because it is the means by which a desired outcome is achieved. By which life preserving resources are obtained and distributed. If you want to survive in nature you must have the ability to adapt to your environment, to hunt down and kill other organisms and appropriate them to your needs. You must be able to assimilate your environment to your telolic aims.

It can mean the ability to deceive and or manipulate in order to achieve an end. The average woman for example, is not as physically strong as the average man, but she may have the ability to use her attractiveness to manipulate and thereby influence individuals of the opposite sex.

Might Is Right: The Philosophy of Power.

A virus is microscopic, yet this allows it to infiltrate the bloodstream of its victim and wreak havoc on an opponent of much greater size. Afficher les exemples contenant force est le droit 2 exemples concordants.

Its rule is might is right. C'est la loi du plus fort. Ultimately might is right , the strongest wins out. International peace and security certainly cannot be achieved by giving legitimacy to the notion that might is right. The workers express practically the theoretical need formulated by Marx in his critique of Hegel: might is right.

"Right Makes Might"

Basically, it is simple: the Russian veto today is telling us that might is right. Such notions as might is right or that force is the ultimate form of power are being widely rejected. The principle now is " might is right ". Chapter 9.

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Chapter 7. Right Is Might Richard W. Part I. Chapter 1. Chapter 2.

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