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The facility has been in operation since the beginning of and 66 patients have been successfully treated up to now. The main features of CATANA together with the clinical and dosimetric features will be extensively described; particularly, the proton beam line, that has been entirely built at LNS, with all its elements, the experimental transversal and depth dose distributions of the MeV proton beam obtained for a final collimator of mm diameter and the experimental depth dose distributions of a modulated proton beam obtained for the same final collimator.

Finally, the clinical results over 1 yr of treatments, describing the features of the treated diseases will be reported.

The Italian Tier-1 provides the resources of storage i. The computing center is a very complex infrastructure, the hardaware layer include the network, storage and farming area, while the software layer includes open source and proprietary software. Software updating and new hardware adding can unexpectedly deteriorate the production activity of the center: therefore a testbed facility has been set up in order to reproduce and certify the various layers of the Tier In this article we describe the testbed and the checks performed.

La procedura di 'Censimento' si propone di raccogliere informazioni relative a tutte le 'macchine' o 'sistemi' Personal Computer, Workstation e Server disponibili in Istituto per una migliore ed efficace utilizzazione delle risorse ai fini della sicurezza informatica. La procedura prevede la compilazione guidata via browse di due moduli: il primo modulo riguarda essenzialmen INFN : Searching for new physics.

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The numerous achievements made by particle physicists in recent years have raised interest and triggered high expectations not only among physicists around the world, but also outside the circle of insiders. The hope for is to be able to meet as many of these expectations as possible. Layout of the new SuperB facility. Answers to some of the current questions will come from data collected by the LHC, which will tell us definitively if the Higgs boson exists and, if it does, what its mass is.

However, the LHC may present us with surprises in the form of signatures of new physics that nobody can currently predict. However, we could come across new physics through two other research fields: the search for signals of dark matter; and investigations into neutrino physics, a field that continually seems t The Istituto di Storia della Medicina at Rome University was to a certain extent a one-man achievement.

Founded by Adalberto Pazzini in , its collections comprehended books, objects, as well as photographs, movies, and other didactic video. The Istituto was also a center for publications, conferences and meetings. The archival sources that document its activity have been re-evaluated and restored in recent years, together with the collections housed in the Library and in the Museum.

It is involved in the management and development of the most important information and data handling services in behalf of the INFN.


Due to the huge complexity of Tier-1 center, the use of control systems is fundamental for management and operation of the center. Adopted open source solutions have been strongly adapted to specific needs; a wide set of customized sensors has been developed for various divisions like Network, Storage, Farming, Grid operation and National Services. Finally, a dashboard has been developed, to which described control systems send critical alarms sent via sms to an operator as well.

The dashboard can be exploited to get an historical view of the Tier-1 and national services' state and to allow a quick web control. In this article, the whole system, adopted customizations in monitoring and control as well as their integrations with the dashboard will be described. Meschini, M. A first planar pixel batch, which was produced by the end of year , will be described in this paper.

First clean room measurement results on planar sensors obtained before and after neutron irradiation will be presented. Both the ISOL Isotope Separation On Line and the IFF In-Flight Fragmentation methods are exploited to produce RIBs in two different ways at different energies: in the first case, the Cyclotron is the primary accelerator and the Tandem accelerates the secondary beams, while in the second case radioactive fragments are produced by the Cyclotron beam in a thin target with energies comparable to the primary beam energy.

The development of both facilities to produce and accelerate radioactive ion beams at LNS, is briefly described, with some details on the future prospects that are presently under consideration or realization. Results obtained are discussed together with future plans.

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Due to the rising doubts about the tightness of the sewers, the executive board of INFN has decided as a precaution to halt all activities requiring manipulation of any kind of liquid over the whole Laboratories 1 paragraph. Welcome greetings from Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available A nome del direttore, dottor Luca Bellingeri, porto il saluto della Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze agli organizzatori, ai relatori e ai presenti a questo importante convegno. La BNCF, infatti, nella sua duplice funzione di Agenzia bibliografica nazionale con la produzione della BNI oggi aperta e gratuita, e di elaborazione degli strumenti nazionali aperti di indicizzazione semantica il Nuovo Soggettario, contribuisce attivamente all'evoluzione dell'universo bibliografico e della scienza dell'informazione, all'interno del quale lo standard internazionale RDA rappresenta un punto di confronto imprescindibile.

Pur essendo nato in ambito bibliografico -a partire da FRBR- RDA si propone come standard universale di metadatazione non esclusivamente bibliografico, rispetto al quale anche i Codici nazionali di catalogazione possono porsi in modo dialettico e collaborativo per una reciproca evoluzione nell. The report contains information on the structure of the Institute, the tasks entrusted to it by law, synthetic data on the researches carried out within the institutional projects and the projects financed by the Italian national health fund and the future perspectives.

It also presents the list of scientific publications edited in and , divided according to the institutional projects of research. The user interface is a crucial service to guarantee the Grid accessibility. The goal to achieve, is the implementation of an environment able to hide the grid complexity and offer a familiar interface to the final user.

Currently many graphical interfaces have been proposed to simplify the grid access, but the GUI approach appears not very congenital to UNIX developers and users accustomed to work with command line interface. The final user interacts with the underlying distributed infrastructure by using IGSH instead of his default login shell, with the sensation to work on a local machine. This is the sixth volume in a series of books on the general topics of supersymmetry, supergravity, black holes and the attractor mechanism. Lopes Cardoso, W. Chemissany, T.

Ortin, J. Perz, O. Vaughan, D. Turton, L. Lusanna and S. All lectures were at a pedagogical, introductory level, a feature which is reflected in the specific "flavor" of this volume, which also benefited greatly from extensive discussions and related reworking of the various contributions.

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We show the key RPC characteristics which qualify the performance of this detector technology as muon trigger chamber in the harsh LHC enviroments. These are dark current, chamber efficiency, noise rate, gas volume tomography, and gas leakage. The first part of the paper deals with the Italian tradition of medical history in the s, when Adalberto Pazzini became the most successful medical historian in Italy. Its second part deals with the founding and renovation and respectively of the Istituto di Storia della Medicina at Rome University, with a description of the innovative--and largely utopian--planning of the Library and of the Museum and didactic collections by Pazzini.

Franca Sacchi

On June 15 at Oristano Sardinia a formal ceremony marked the start of an underwater archaeological campaign sponsored by the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare INFN to recover the load of a Roman freighter navis oneraria which sank off Sardinia carrying an exceptionally large load of lead. Ciavola, G.

E-mail: ciavola lns. The magnets of the primary beam line have been aligned and most of the components of the mass separator have been purchased. Different types of Heavy Ion Target-Source HITS systems have been built and are here described; in particular, a microwave ion source fully designed and manufactured at LNS has been assembled and successfully tested. Finally, low-intensity beam diagnostics is also ready and reliability tests are under way. This paper briefly describes our hardware and software environment, and summarizes the technical solutions adopted in order to obtain better availability and high data throughput from the front-end disk servers.

The ECR ion sources are able to produce a wide variety of highly charged metallic ion beams thanks to the development of different techniques ovens, sputtering, direct insertion, metal ions from volatile compounds MIVOC. In the case of the ovens, the sticking of the hot vapors on the surface of the plasma chamber leads to high material consumption rates.

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  2. US Army, Technical Manual, TM 5-4320-301-13&P, FORWARD AREA WATER POINT SUPPLY SYSTEM (FAWPSS) , MODEL WPSS100, (NSN 4320-01-168-1629), AND MODEL 9095-91, ... military manauals, special forces.
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  8. For elements like Ca, a tantalum liner inserted inside the chamber can be used to limit this phenomenon. The modeling of temperature distribution inside the chamber with and without the liner was carried out with COMSOL-multiphysics code. Cuttone, G. Since December the Superconducting Cyclotron operates in a stand-alone mode by means of the new axial injection beam line. The primary beam line has been already mounted and tested. The part of mass separator on the two high-voltage platforms together with low intensity diagnostics is already installed while the ancillary items along with the part of mass separator at ground potential will be installed during the next stop of accelerator operations.

    The goal of such efforts will be represented by the test of the mass separator with stable beams planned at LNS by the end of the year. The commissioning of the EXCYT facility is foreseen in together with the start of nuclear experiments program. The primary proton beam is provided by a high current Cyclotron accelerator with energy of MeV and a beam current of 0. Neutron-rich radioactive ions are produced by proton induced Uranium fission at an expected fission rate of the order of fissions per second.

    The expected secondary beam rates are of the order of - pps. Aim of the SPES project is to provide a facility for high intensity radioactive ion beams for nuclear physics research as well as to develop an interdisciplinary research center based on the cyclotron proton beam.

    La rosa di Natale by Carragh Sheridan

    Ambrosi, G; Aramo, C. Rodriguez; Rugliancich, A. The Cherenkov Telescope Array is a world-wide project for a new generation of ground-based Cherenkov telescopes of the Imaging class with the aim of exploring the highest energy region of the electromagnetic spectrum. With two planned arrays, one for each hemisphere, it will guarantee a good sky coverage in the energy range from a few tens of GeV to hundreds of TeV, with improved angular resolution and a sensitivity in the TeV energy region better by one order of magnitude than the currently operating arrays.

    In order to cover this wide energy range, three different telescope types are envisaged, with different mirror sizes and focal plane features. In particular, for the highest energies a possible design is a dual-mirror Schwarzschild-Couder optical scheme, with a compact focal plane. Considerazioni sui nuovi servizi di conversione di coordinate del Geoportale Nazionale. With the present article is intended to broaden the knowledgeand availability of the service to coordinate conversionof the National Geoportal already described in the previousissue of GEOmedia, giving a detailed description of thealgorithms used and methods of transformation includedwithin the service.

    Russotto, P. The Data Center, equipped with about production cores, permits the use of modern analysis techniques realized via advanced statistical tools like RooFit and RooStat implemented in multicore systems. Such a common infrastructure allows a transparent access to the Tier2 data to the users for their interactive analysis.

    Such infrastructure is used also for a national computing facility in use to the INFN theoretical community, it enables a synergic use of computing and storage resources.