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I think your experience in advertising shines through in this. Always asking: how can I best sell this idea? How can I package and brand it so that people will buy it?

Fortunately, I like to be rubbed and in some instances you really rubbed through to my heart and soul. I especially enjoyed the account of your trip to Marseille. Which brings me to your greatest strength: your ability to connect without making concessions or holding back. By speaking out loud and proud, you invite others to do the same, without reservations. And that is why you and your writing are very much my cup of tea, Eric.

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Your book has added a new dimension to my perspective on the brash, bald man with whom I bonded at the Book Fair. And I shall forever cherish the fact that strangers eventually took us for a gay couple. PS: I just read this letter to my mother. She said you would like it. She turned 84 on Thursday and is now reading your book. Print this article. Email this article. Please register or log in to comment.

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The New Suffolk Hymnbook

It has been a great blessing to be able to conduct our worship together entirely in contemporary English, while still being able to use many wonderful hymns written in past centuries. We have been using the Praise! We were pleasantly surprised by how quickly people took to a new book. The big discovery was the rich vein of new hymns to enjoy, that led us into areas of the Christian life we had not sung about before.

Without a doubt the Praise! Hymnbook has been an ideal resource for us ministering in the inner-city where clarity of expression is vital, wedded as it is to rich theological truth. In addition the provision of songs for every Psalm has greatly enriched our corporate worship — and made the job of choosing songs a challenge and a delight with constant surprises on every page turn. We at the Kayser's Beach Chapel are joyfully and reverently and with real meaning and understanding offering our worship to God in Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs in what we believe the Scriptures confirm and teach.

We like the modern change to the words and the size; as a church we still need to make the most of the psalm section! We appreciate the blend of modernised traditional hymns and some of the best contemporary hymns and songs. At last some of the great old hymns are made accessible to a younger generation.

We particularly like the good combination of Psalms, traditional and modern hymns. Whilst maintaining dignity and reverence in our worship, Praise! It makes us sing thoughtfully! A welcome blend — introducing new Bible-based songs and breathing fresh vigour into up-dated traditional hymns.

New Suffolk Hymnbook by Oswest Ben

We are enjoying using Praise! Having a hymn for every Psalm is a great asset. We like the mix of old and new hymns under one cover and appreciate the updating of some of the phraseology. We are enjoying giving a refreshing expression to the same biblical truths we sang about in Christian Hymns. The older hymns have a freshness about them. At last! A unique book which provides both old and new songs and hymns in language and length that are a valuable aid to meaningful worship for those who have English as a second language.

We appreciate that the older hymns are now all usable — freed from archaisms, and we love to be able to sing a psalm either before or after reading it together. It was wonderful to have a new range of hymns and songs on the Christmas theme which were full of content.

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Having examined the relevant sections of Praise! I find that many of the critical comments are wholly unjustified. For our part, our worship services have been transformed by the use of Praise! To introduce fresh content is not only helpful for public worship, it aids private devotion too.

The New Suffolk Hymnbook - eBook -

Many thanks to the committee for the years of hard work that this book represents. We have replaced the three former books that we were using and now exclusively use Praise!

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We especially value the Psalms — and many very good new words to old singable tunes. We have enjoyed singing familiar older hymns in updated language and learning new hymns and songs, especially from the psalms. All in all it has been a great asset in our public worship. His compositions are first rate. The best of the past has been rescued for a new generation through sensitive updating of archaic language. In addition, a wide selection of the best of current compositions has been included.

If Grace Hymns can utilise the words of a Jesuit priest, I'm sure there can be no problem about incorporating the most helpful of Graham Kendrick's! And some of the new tunes are sublime; particularly , and Over the past six months since using Praise!